Curriculum & Instruction Department
It is the mission of the Curriculum & Instruction Department to provide relevant, aligned curricula, academic and instructional leadership, and professional development opportunities that support teachers, administrators, and parents in the delivery of effective instruction which enhances learning and improves achievement for all students.
Curriculum in Brooks County ISD is defined as the knowledge, skills, attitudes and the processes to be taught and learned at the appropriate levels/area or in courses in our schools. Brooks County ISD is committed to coordinating the written, taught, and tested curriculum. To accomplish the District goals and objectives, the curriculum, instruction, and assessment program are:
  • Aligned with the state mandated curriculum
  • Aligned with state mandated assessments and programs
  • Designed to develop District priorities
Contact Information
Enrique Ruiz, Jr.
Executive Director for Teaching & Learning
District Testing Coordinator
PO Box 589
200 E Allen
Falfurrias, Tx  78355
361-325-8003 (phone)
361-325-3134 (fax)
Joann M Guerra
Curriculum / Technology Secretary
Po Box 589
Falfurrias, Tx  78355
361-325-8004 (phone)
361-325-3134 (fax)