Your BCISD Operations Department exists to provide friendly, courteous and reliable information and service in the areas of school operations. It is our desire to facilitate an efficient and responsive educational support system for the students, parents, employees and citizens of Brooks County. We want to be your "go to" department when you need assistance, have a question, want to voice a complaint or offer a suggestion on how BCISD can better serve the community.

Employee Travel Request Form
Transportation & Work Order Forms

The Maintenance and Custodial Operations Department strives to provide safe and orderly school facilities which enhance the learning environment for the staff and students of Brooks County ISD.

How we serve you:

  • Process work orders for repair and maintenance of buildings and grounds
  • Maintains safety standards in conformance with Federal, State, and Insurance regulations
  • Oversee a program of preventive safety
  • Ensures that equipment is maintained in operating and optimum condition
  • Performs disaster duty when needed
  • Responds to after hour's emergencies as needed

The Brooks County ISD's Transportation Department focuses on the safe transportation of students to and from school.  We also provide safe transportation to many field trips per year. A student is eligible to ride the bus if his/her residence is two miles or more from school. The two miles is measured via the shortest vehicular route between the front of the residence and Falfurrias High School. Each school day we transport about 300 children with the 7 school buses the district has. Our offices is located at 700 W Adams in Falfurrias,Texas.

Our Vision is to be the best provider of student transportation and related activities. In achieving this, we want an organization that we are proud of and committed to.

We want an organization where we have an opportunity to contribute, learn, grow, advance and where we are respected, treated fairly, listened to and involved. Above all, we want to share in the personal satisfaction that comes from team accomplishments and the professional rewards that come from doing an outstanding job.


Romeo J. Ozuna
Director of Operations

361-325-8032  FAX: 361-325-4117


Maintenance & Transportation Department   

Alegria, Gilberto galegria@bcisd.esc2.net Transportation
Barrera, Samuel sbarrera@bcisd.esc2.net Maintenance
Benavides, Homero hbenavides@bcisd.esc2.net Transportation
Cabrera, Daniel dcabrera@bcisd.esc2.net Maintenance
Cabrera, Martin mcabrera@bcisd.esc2.net Transportation
Casas, Efrain ecasas@bcisd.esc2.net Maintenance
Cisneros, Juan jcisneros@bcisd.esc2.net Transportation
Garcia, Jose I. jgarcia@bcisd.esc2.net Maintenance
Garcia, Orlando ogarcia@bcisd.esc2.net Maintenance
Garza, Jose jgarza@bcisd.esc2.net Maintenance
Mangel, Juan jmangel@bcisd.esc2.net Maintenance
Ozuna, Romeo rozuna@bcisd.esc2.net Director of Operations
Requenez, Arnulfo arequenez@bcisd.esc2.net Transportation
Reyes, Felix freyes@bcisd.esc2.net Maintenance