The goal of the Brooks County Independent School District Office of Payroll/Personnel is to foster an open work environment in which all employees feel welcomed, respected, and recognized for their contributions. Through a strong recruitment program, we seek a talented and competitive workforce that exemplifies diversity and teamwork.
    The Payroll/Personnel office provides service in the areas of employment, payroll, labor and employee relations, management consultation, training, benefits and human resource information management systems to all Brooks County employees. Our department is committed to the highest standards of service and is continuously seeking to improve in all of these areas. Our office seeks to provide support to all employees, as well as effective and efficient communication of Brooks County policies and procedures. The Payroll/Personnel staff works with central administrators, principals, and department directors regarding staffing needs, employee evaluations, job postings, and substitute services, as well as the application process for all district employment.

Personnel Office

Dominique C. Alegria
Payroll / Personnel Coordinator           
221 South Calixto Mora Ave.         
Falfurrias, Texas  78355

Fax:  361-325-8019

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